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Ulrich Stimorol

When did the French become humorless?

Well, may be George W. Bush and his advisors turned us humorless after all. As a chance, we do not consider Americans are all the same ;)

I guess that one on Saturday April 16th “So, I'm often asked, why did AFP do this? I have only one answer: They're French. » was just repeated humour.(right here : http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2005_04_16.html#009473)

You already knew that no one takes offence as easily as French do… so imagine a French blogger!
Thanks for popping in Jeff, and we’ll really appreciate your next post showing your deap sympathy for the French people.

Jeff Jarvis

When did the French become a race?
And when did they become humorless?


Les deux mon général. J'ai tenu une semaine avant de le virer de mon aggrégateur (il faut dire qu'au moment de la préparation d'Irak 2.0, il était particulièrement imbuvable).

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